Large Inventory

As an ISO certified company, Rose Plastic is the best choice on the market and with numerous feedback that we have received from our clients, we can say that we stand as one of the leading Pipe manufacturers in Cambodia. as part of our inventory, we locally produce many PVC pipe, import some categories and offer export to regions that need high quality pipe.

Schedule Proficiency

We work to ensure the success of our clients and each client is fighting against the clock to finish their project, response to market demand and answer to their clients’ satisfactory. In this regard, we provide products in timely manners and always answer the call 24/7.

Maintain The Quality

Not that we use the best formula to produce the best pipe, but we also stay and provide maintenance. An Each pipe will stay for hundreds of years and with our name as an ISO certified company, we work to ensure the full customer-satisfactory and customer-approval one.

Company Profile

Despite being a very young company, Rose Plastic is an impressive key player in the water-pipe industry in Cambodia.

The company’s benchmark achievement is its ISO 9001: 2005 certificate. As an ISO-certificated company, Rose Plastic works to ensure quality of its products, its production ethnic and maintain good employer-employee relation.

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Our News

In this section, we highlight our success, news coverage and when we are spotted by the media. We alone cannot spread the message of quality. Thus, we believe in the power of media. We hope to reach more people and share what the true success for clients look like. Also, with this section, we hope to find likeminded individuals who are motivated by our mission and vision. We also look for more business partners to expand the markets because at the end of the day, we need strong partners to grow together.

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