Company Profile

Company Profile

Despite being a very young company, Rose Plastic is an impressive key player in the water-pipe industry in Cambodia.

The company’s benchmark achievement is its ISO 9001: 2005 certificate. As an ISO-certificated company, Rose Plastic works to ensure quality of its products, its production ethnic and maintain good employer-employee relation. Currently, the company produces almost every type of pipe for construction, water system and agricultural purposes. Visit products section to learn more.

In the beginning, Rose Plastic’s founders saw a huge gap in the pipe industry as the construction sector and agricultural sector (including industrial-agro) were booming. The construction business was skyrocketing and the problem of qualified supplier were demanded. As one of the visionary leaders, our founders decided to jump into the market to product the best quality pipe products with a mission that each pipe has to ensure the best quality for its users and for long-term duration.

The first few years was struggling due to lack of awareness and competitive price, but now the company stands firm as one of the leading players in the field. For the local markets, the company is an expert in PVC pipes and different pipes for clean water and water for agriculture.

We have supplied almost every pumping stations (both state and private) across Cambodia when it comes to pipe for household drinking water. Our motto since the beginning and until has been the same which is: clean water for every household and crop. We also promote the usages of our qualified pipe for agricultural purposes and we hope to extend further and bigger in the near future.

Mission: build the best pipe products everyday while leading the chart for environmentally-socially friendly businesses.

Vision: a clean water in each house and each field.

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